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See what everyone is saying about us!

"Josh's potato kugel is the best potato kugel! It is light and fluffy, with just the right seasonings. "

"My whole family loves Josh's schnitzel. The coating is crisp and flavorful and the chicken is cooked just right. Order extra. It could all disappear before the meal!"

"The chicken marsala is delicious"

"My favorite is the chicken kiev. Such a great combination of flavors with the chicken, pastrami and gravy." 

"The mushroom crepes are a special treat!"

"The mashed potatoes with onions are great. My family enjoyed them so much that I tried to imitate them. Cannot get it right, but now I will not have to try anymore. Thanks, Josh, for opening your catering business in Philadelphia!"

"The Yapsach was a great hit with my family. Just the right food for our  meat and potatoes cravings"

"Josh's brisket is the best. The meat is so tender and flavorful. It makes for a very special and memorable holiday meal"

S, M & J from


The quality of the food was uniformly excellent. The vegetarian dishes were clever and innovative. All our guests with varied food restrictions were very pleased.

Rabbi Alan Iser

Josh Small offers a wide variety of Pesach foods beginning with the Seder plate and the Seder meal. His food is fresh, tasty and consistently good. We highly recommend Josh's delicious Pesach food.

Sandy and Margie Bruck

Bill and I are thrilled by hearing the news about Savvati and Josh being head chef.

No one  deserves this opportunity more than Josh---he is very talented.

We are looking forward to frequenting his catering and take-out.

Bill and Vicki Fineman

If you see moussaka on the menu be sure and order it and get the big size.

It's always a Yom Tov hit at my house

Naphtali and Chana Perlberger

We were happy with Josh's catering since it was freshly made, tasty and reasonably priced.

There are so many items to choose from that there is something to satisfy anyone's palette.

And we got even more for our money with the seder packages that bundle our favorite Seder items.

Jerry & Marilyn Stern

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